Samad Outerwear is a venture of Samad Group of Industries. It is a family-owned corporation now run by its third generation. Set upon the vision of bringing sustainability and growth to Pakistan’s textile industry, the parent group came up with a strategic decision to establish a woven garment manufacturing plant. Hence Samad Apparel was established in 2009 and is now running the garment manufacturing operations from Cut to Pack. Samad Outerwear is a branch of Samad Apparel that was created with the aim to satisfy performance, functional and fashion needs of the outer- wear market globally.

Established in 2017, Samad Outerwear has been providing our customers with the highest quality products and excellent customer service. Our team of experts has trusted and reliable supplier of outerwear in the international market through our commitment to quality, sustainability and punctuality.We aim to establish ourselves as a trusted and reliable supplier of outerwear in the international market through our commitment to quality, sustainability and and punctuality. We invite you to explore our outerwear collection and see for yourself the unique features and benefits of our garments.


R & D

Our designers work ...

Our designers work tirelessly to create outerwear designs for our clients. We constantly explore and experiment with new trends, collaborating with fabric manufacturers to provide one-of-a-kind garments that are both fashionable and functional


Implementing Gerber ...

Implementing Gerber Garment Technology (GGT) has made us flexible to customize fits and styles according to customers needs. We possess the right skills, expertise, and professionalism to guarantee brand confidentiality, swift turnaround, and accurate sampling. Samad Apparel has qualified specialists and industrial engineers to control the processes and operations. In the cutting department, we always ensure the maximum utilization of material in order to reduce waste. The department is equipped with the latest cutting machines and fabric spreaders.


Our state-of-the-art...

Our state-of-the-art automatic fiber filling machine can store material, automatically distribute weight, and automatically weigh and fill. It is multi weighing and has a large storage material box. It is compatible with both natural and synthetic filling.


Having state-of-the-...

Having state-of-the-art quilting machines and a skilled team of experts, we are able to execute intricate and complicated designs. We are capable of creating unique and eye-catching quilted patterns on puffer jackets, while ensuring the density and quality of the insulation within the pockets. The attention to detail and precision in the quilting process is what sets our high-quality puffer jacket apart from the rest.


In stitching, we...

In stitching, we practice process control techniques such as Time & Motion Study, Method Study, and Sample Activity to eradicate unnecessary activities and minimize process handling. We have dedicated Textile and Industrial Engineers in the sewing division who execute their work using modern and efficient instrumentation in process control.


Each product undergoes...

Each product undergoes a thorough quality assessment in the Finishing and Packaging department. Our high-quality standards ensure that all items are free from any sort of contamination during the packing step. Each product is contained in a clean package setup after it reaches the packing stage, which rigorously adheres to all of our clients' specified standards.


Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jackets

Olive Quilted Jacket

Puffer Jackets

Color Block Puffer jacket

Puffer Jackets

Black Long Coat

Puffer Jackets

Bloom Puff

Snow Sports

Special Fabrics

Wintery Wearables

Milky Way Jacket

Wintery Wearables

Browny Men Hoodie

Wintery Wearables

Tweed Jacket

Wintery Wearables

Color Block Jacket

Rain Wear

Wet Weather Wear

Weekend Rain Jacket

Wet Weather Wear

Weekend Rain Jackets

Wet Weather Wear

Waterproof Long Rain Jacket

Wet Weather Wear

Multi Colors Rain Ponchos



Our aim is to make you feel good about the way you look and we do this by creating a positive, sustainable impact on the environment. Our products are designed with great care and attention to detail, with a focus on both responsibility and comfort. We strive to use as many recyclable materials as possible including recyclable polyester and responsibly sourced goose/duck down and feathers. We have constantly updated recycling facilities such as  Greenhouse Recycling Center.


We at Samad Apparel are fully conscious of our social & corporate responsibility. We believe that corporate success and social welfare go hand-in-hand. We maintain an environment conducive to the skill-enhancement of our human resources. We consider it obligatory to give back to the community and do so through philanthropy. Samad apparel has a major contribution to community development in form of monthly rations, health benefits, educational and financial support to not only the company workers but also the deserving families around the society.

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